Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Google backs Spain while our country exports talent

Last Wednesday, there was an euphoric atmosphere at Google Big Tent in Madrid, which gathered Spain's top media and was attended by Jeff Jarvis, Robert Shrimsley (director of Financial Times ft.com), Frederic Fillox (Les Echos), and Javier Caberizo (Unidad Editorial). The Spanish media listened to intelligent proposals to advance in innovative ways, and on the other hand, there was an understandable optimism all around, due to the good news for Google Spain.

Ignacio Cardero, Ignacio Escolar, Montse Dominguez,
and others at Google Big Tent

Google Spain exports its Public Policy model

Thanks to the promotion of Bárbara Navarro, to a global area beyond Spain and Europe, and key to the expansion of Google and the Internet, Google Spain's Department of Public Policy has earned maximum recognition. Ms. Navarro's new responsibilities englobe the whole of Asia, Russia, Australia, the Middle East and Africa. Already in Hong Kong, she currently holds one of the most important posts currently held by Spaniards in technology companies.

Francisco Ruíz has now assumed the same responsibilities in Google Spain and Google Portugal, after his long experience and professional successes in Google Spain.

Bárbara Navarro gets a new position in Hong-Kong

Google Campus for Entrepreneurs in Madrid

Madrid will now become the second European city, after London, with a campus for entrepreneurs. The great commitment with entrepreneurship of Google Spain's Public Policy team over the years has been rewarded with the opportunity of opening this new campus in Madrid.

It was not easy, as there were many countries that aspired to host this initiative. In fact, it will be the third campus of Google worldwide (after London and Tel Aviv). In just one year, 2013, the London campus startups got more than 34 million pounds and generated 570 jobs. Given the current economic situation in Spain, this campus comes in a crucial moment in which the country needs to fuel entrepreneurship and the digital economy.

Google has also announced that it will open three more campuses: in Warsaw (Poland), Sao Paulo (Brazil), and Seoul (South Korea). With Google's support, Madrid will be connected to a worldwide entrepreneur ecosystem .

Google Education in Spain

Google Education in Spain has been another area that has been recognised with several awards, initiatives, and the boost of pioneering projects.

The success of Actívate, a project in which three ministries and 16 universities have collaborated, is an example, having reached an online enrollment of almost 130,000 people seeking training in the digital market.

Spain has also promoted MOOCs in the Spanish-speaking world, pioneering Google's technology platform Course Builder --via Unimooc, a community of 50,000 entrepreneur students from 100 countries. Thanks to this experience, supported by Google, Spain is a key player in MOOCs.

Francisco Ruíz, from Google Spain

Development of the digital economy. ADEI Observatory

Google has also actively promoted the development of the digital economy in Spain through Public Policy with ADEI Observatory, an initiative that had the personal involvement of Bárbara Navarro and whose Advisory Council constitutes one of the most active think tanks in research, study and discussion of the major issues affecting the development of the information society and the digital economy in Spain.

With the promotion of Bárbara Navarro, this model could be exported to other countries. Google Spain has also been very active in other initiatives launched in our country, such as the Chair of Privacy, or the many events that the company frequently organises in Spain.

Source: http://noticias-google.euroresidentes.com/2014/11/google-apuesta-por-espana-y-nuestro.html

Friday, October 31, 2014

Premier League bids for Barcelona's Gerard Pique

Although Pique has confirmed that he loves barça and wants to stay, it is difficult for his team, FC Barcelona, to ignore such amounts of money that Chelsea, Manchester United and City are offering to tempt Pique to change from the BBVA to the BPL. Pique has recently not had his best matches for Barcelona and this has made the rumours be more consistent. Most of the barcelona fans would be happy to see Pique go to another club, especially when they see how much money is being offered for him.

 It is normal for Chelsea to be a great candidate, because it is the team which most money offers (30 millions of euros), and also the team which has one of Pique's best friends - Cesc Fabregas. Although, it is very difficult to argue that Pique will play for Chelsea's Jose Mourinho - one of his enemies when he trained Real Madrid.

Another great candidate is Manchester United, Pique's favourite team in the BPL and his team before he went to FC Barcelona. His past as a red could be decisive and make him go to Manchester United, BUT, it is the team which less money offers, 25 millions of euros, and it will be difficult for barça to give him away for that amount.

The other team is less probable to be the host of Gerard Pique's transfer, and it is Manchester City. Although they offer a good amount of money, 28 millions of euros, they do not have a connection with Pique and barcelona would choose Chelsea before Man City because of the difference in the amounts of money.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Barcelona wont be playing in la Liga if Catalonia gets Independence

The president of the Professional Football League (LFP), Javier Thebes, said that Barcelona and Espanyol "would not play if the league becomes independent Catalunya", appealing to the Sports Act and noting that currently only can play Andorra Spanish as official competitions "State not Spanish."
"Barcelona and Espanyol would not play the Spanish League if Catalonia becomes independent and would not do for the following reasons:. Collects the Sports Act in an additional provision that there is only one state that can not play Spanish League and Spanish official competitions and Andorra "said Javier Thebes in the program 'Al Primer Toque' Onda Cero. In this sense, the LFP president confessed that for the Catalan club and play together parakeet Spanish La Liga is necessary to "modify".
"For this modification it would be a change in parliament and would have to see if the affected industry would agree or not," he said. On the other hand, on the descent of the Real Murcia to Second Division B, Thebes said that there is nothing to do to appeal this decision took place at the beginning of the season.
"In the case of Murcia, is relegated to 2ªB and Sport Court has ratified. Hobby Anger course, I understand that being a disciplinary issue even more anger," he said.
Finally, the LFP president addressed the issue of Getafe player Pedro Leon, who can not play with your computer because it exceeds the salary cap. "I do not know when it will be the resolution of the CSD, but I know it is not an emergency procedure because it was not requested by either the player or by the union. But if there is a speedy resolution, because there will be," he said.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Iker Casillas or David De Gea....who should play?

The poor performances that Iker Casillas has recently had with the Spanish national team and even with his own club, Real Madrid, have caused a lot of doubts regarding who should be the Spanish goalkeeper. David De Gea had one of his best peformances with Manchester United against Everton last Saturday, and, even though the keeper is very young, he is a great candidate to replace Iker Casillas who, many think, that he is on a downfall and will never be as good as he was before but....Is this true? Should Spain remove the player with most national appearances?

Why De Gea should play

  • He is probably at his best form since he arrived at Man U, and is suprising everyone with his incredible saves.
  • He has already played 4 seasons at Old Trafford and has been the most expensive goalkeeper in the BPL history.
  • Last season he was chosen the best goalkeeper in the league and some think he is now the best keeper in europe.
  • He is 23 years old, and probably has all the motivation that Iker Casillas lacks.
  • The fans prefer him to Casillas.

Why Casillas should play

  • He is the captain, and the team look up to him for motivation, he is a symbol.
  • He wants to redeem himself and this can make him have an extra motivation and play better.
  • With Iker Casillas the spanish national team has been world cup champion and two-time european champion, in great measure thanks to Casillas.
  • He is the spanish legend and needs us to believe in him to gain confidence, he deserves our support for everything he has done for Spain.
  • He is 33 years old and, is much more experience than David de gea - something that is very important for goalkeepers.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Jules Bianchi fighting for his life

French driver Jules Bianchi Marussia has been evacuated Suzuka Circuit during the Japanese Grand Prix after a serious accident when there were only seven laps to go. According to the first statement from the FIA driver remains "unconscious" and has been taken to hospital by ambulance, because the weather prevented the helicopter took off. Later, the FIA has specified that if the pilot was not moved by helicopter due to the state of Bianchi.

Was seven laps when the accident occurred. The rain had turned to intensify hard on the Suzuka circuit when Biachi went off the track. Early reports suggest that the Frenchman may have crashed into a crane that was removing Sutil's car, which had left the track moments before.
The FIA has released the red flag has been terminated and the race amidst turmoil in the absence of information. Minutes later the pilot was taken to hospital by ambulance. In the first FIA statement his spokesman reported that the pilot was evacuated unconscious. "The pilot has not consciousness.'s Gone to hospital with an ambulance because the helicopter can not fly in this weather," he said.
Adrian Sutil, who may be desolate in the photo below, has stated that "the situation is critical Bianchi. He is in good hands. I've been with him and not want to talk about details. "The German driver witnessed the accident pilot Marussia.
Alonso sent a message of support ("Forza Jules. C'mon, friend") through a popular social network. And, like most of the members of the paddock, he quickly moved to the hospital where he joined the French.
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